During my Batman hours I freelanced and help found a gaming community around a video game called Heroes of the Storm by Activision Blizzard. The website came at a time where the game did not have a community search function and there were no official comp building tools. What that means is, in game there are many skills for individual characters, but also a total of five characters on each team; the variety of possibilities and combos are nearly endless. So our tool helped organized that chaos a bit more for the community, it also eventually became a reputable source for professional players to post their skill trees.  

About the org

While its start was a community tool to connect and help progress progress in-game, the organization eventually went on to host a professional team of players. In the final year of the officially sponsored tournament (HGC) our team was number one in North America. 

The aftermath of HGC was tough on many people, including HeroesHearth. From there we took a hard pivot and focused on community video content, tournaments and eventually a community league (CCL).