Samm Langer

Creative Director.
Graphic Designer. 


I have always been a visual person. In turn, graphic design is my core calling and my way to communicate with the world around me. 

I am currently creative director at Wisdom Gaming and have been for four years. Some of the wonderful clients I’ve worked with during my time here are Riot Games, Psyonix, Activision Blizzard, Odyssey Games, and many others.  

Wisdom is a broadcast company existing in gaming and esports, offering white label, internal brand shows, live events and many other miscellaneous specialties. My personal role at Wisdom as creative director is to manage the visuals of all projects assigned to me as well as managing visuals for a team of creatives ranging from graphic designers to animators to video editors. My designs covers from start to finish marketing to broadcast etc. That includes packages for live broadcast, to concepting 30 minute animations with in-house creatives and client. Basically, we do a lot here and I am excited to finally share it.

Currently I have designed and participated in the creation of ✨️ 100+ broadcasts✨️ during my time as Wisdom Gaming. My previous experience includes 🖌️eight years of layout design at Game Informer magazine in both print, digital and web formats.

Like design, my portfolio is always changing. However in order to update it, I require time which has been lacking recently. I will do my best to update this site as time comes in. Many exciting things have occurred and I will upload new projects as soon as I’m able!

sammlanger (@) gmail (dot) com

Wanna Chat? <3

Get in contact with me at sammlanger [at] gmail [dot] com